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What do you need to know about pool maintenance

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Things to Consider For Pool Maintenance

Having your swimming pool is a big investment for the family and above all is great fun. During the hot summer days, a person can relax and cool off in his swimming pool. He can also employ it as a form of exercise. For some people, it is something that represents status and class. But there is some important activity associated with it, i.e., maintenance. It is essential to constantly preserve them, and one has to make an effort in cleaning leaves, tiles, ground and checking proper chlorination. One also has to take care of calcium scale, scum and grime build up that is generally formed on the tiles. Pool Maintenance and repair is one of the critical factors that an individual has to reflect while planning to construct a pool.

Get the Algae Out of Your Swimming Pool

Pool owners will agree that nothing beats a warm summer day spent on an inflatable lounger in your private oasis. Kids splash around and dive for toys, and later you all enjoy a nice game of pool volleyball or Marco Polo. Only things that stand to spoil such an idyllic scene are bad weather – which can’t be helped – or disgusting pool algae that discolors your water and makes your swimming environment unhealthy. Luckily, the algae is a problem that is treatable and preventable, and once it’s taken care of you can enjoy your day.

Before you learn how to rid your swimming area of unwanted algae, it’s important to understand where it comes from and how it affects your pool. Algae is perhaps one of the most diverse groups of living organisms on the planet. There are several thousand varieties recorded, though when it comes to swimming pools, you are most likely to see common Chlorophyta or green algae, or – if you have truly neglected your pool – black algae that stains walls and vinyl liners. Algae forms when your pool environment is unbalanced, meaning that if your filters are faulty and your pool water doesn’t circulate well, you risk algae blooming in and on the water. Algae is easy to spot – you may first encounter water discoloration or a film on your water’s surface. If neglected, the environment allows the algae to grow rapidly until your pool is not fit for swimming.

It’s important to note that algae won’t make you sick, but it’s not a pleasant thing to deal with while swimming. That’s why you need to observe proper pool care, so the swimming is always fresh and clean. If you find you have been plagued with this menace, take some important steps toward eradicating it.

1) Get your water tested immediately. Your local pool supply store should offer water testing services and will advise specific instructions for skimming off existing algae and draining the pool if necessary.

2) Have your filtration system checked to make sure this problem doesn’t occur again.

3) If algae have stained any part of your pool, scrub it away using a firm brush and use chlorine or a recommended algaecide to treat the surface.

4) Consult with a pool expert on maintaining pH levels in your pool, so there are no repeats.

Don’t let nasty algae ruin your summer. Take control and properly clean and chlorinate your pool to keep the water safe for you and your family. Please contact us for any swimming pool service questions.

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